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Sports Betting Guide

The picture below is an introduction of menus from Royal188Bet's Sports page, with Soccer as the example.


  • Sports Menu
  • There are many games in Sports such as Number Games, Virtual Sports, basketball, and many more. This portion has the Early, Today, and Live tabs.

  • Early
  • The game is going to start very soon. It could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

  • Today
  • The game will take place today.

  • Live
  • The game is currently in progress at the moment.

  • Time
  • Shows the start time of the game.

  • Event
  • Event shows the table/detail of a game. In the picture above, it shows the game of China Football Super League.

  • The teams that competed
  • It shows the game between Guizhou Renhe against Giangzhou R&F . Also the game between Shanghai SIPGagainst Tianjin Teda.

  • The red
  • The team gives voor to its opponent.

  • Kinds of betting and odds
  • FT. HDP, FT. O/U, FT. ½, 1h. hdp, 1h O/u, 1H. 1×2 can be seen. Those are types of bets. Each type of bet has its own market and odds value. The odds value are in red and blue. The red one with minus (ex: -1.11) means to be taxed. The guide on how to play for each bet will be explained later.

    How to place bet on sports

    To place a bet on sports is quite easy. We just need to click on the odds that we like to.


Here we will put the FT. HDP bet on Guizhou Renhe against Giangzhou R&F with market voor (Handicap) 0 by choosing a victory for Guizhou Renhe. So what we need to do is click on Guizhou Renhe’s Odds -1.26 with handicap 0. A small betting box will be appeared on the left side to input the bet nominal/ value that we like, then, click Process Bet.
If you want to place bet on another type beside FT. HDP, just do the same steps as explained previously. That is the end of the introduction and guide on how to play Sports in Royal188Bet.

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